Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sock Bun tutorial for short or long hair

Yes, short hair people can do sock buns too.
This has been my favorite hair do of the summer since I go to work each day and come home with hat hair at night- something has to be done. So this happens every day. Plus, it makes your hair look way thicker than it actually is.

 I got my little sister to do a video for the short hair tutorial and I'll do a picture tutorial for mine since I don't like the sound of my voice on video.... ...?
So for those of you who don't yet know how- sock buns.
And long hair sock buns.
Take a long sock and cut off the toe part (unlike the short hair one, you keep this one long so it'll be thick). Then roll it up into a scrunchy looking donut. And place your hair in a pony tail- for me I prefer it on the top of my head.

Put your hair through the hole and bring it mostly to the top.

Curl your hair around the sock and tuck the ends in- don't worry if you have layers and they fall a little bit. Continue rolling the sock down and tucking hair in as you go- however tight or lose you like.

When you get further down you can tuck in fallen layers.

Give it one last tight tuck at the end...

Tadaaa. Sock bun.

It really only takes like 3 times practicing to master it. Also, it looks different every time. 
And is super good to sleep in if you're like me and need to get your hair out of your face.

And PS...I'm pretty sure that sock bun overnight curls are a myth- if you've heard of them. I've never gotten them to work.


  1. You say long or short hair. I want to see one of these on your Mom. Now that is short hair!

  2. To do the curls overnight I think your hair has to be wet. lol

  3. Thank you .. I now know how to do a sock bun

  4. Thanks Thats a very good example. but i dont get how to tuck it the fallen layers. Plz reply

    1. Tuck them under and up into the sock- where the hair you are tuck/rolling into the sock goes. It's okay if you're just shoving it in there to hide it. Does that help?

  5. thanks it took me a while to figure it out, I have short hair, I but dont like the ends pocking out so I just make my bun a little higher it works for me:)

  6. Third time was a charm for me! Thanks for the instructions. Found you on Pinterest!